A little bit about me...

Life is "all about the little things..."

I started this venture by turning my passion for crafting and creating into a business. I learn new things everyday and continue to grow in my craft as I learn new and fun ways to create. I am a registered nurse, wife and mom of 3. I have decided to take some time off from my professional life to be home with my family and dedicate more time to my home business. Being a nurse is something I dreamed about since I was 19 years old. It has taught me so much and I'm still very passionate about it. Owning my own business has also been a dream and to be able to turn something I love into a business is the ultimate dream.

 I am located in Pittsburgh, PA and have lived here for 11 years now. I really enjoy creating things that bring a little of my love for our city to others. I offer customization and made to order items in various niches aside from Pittsburgh themed items. I also very much enjoy creating medical themed products for all my healthcare peeps. One of my newest designs is my #412RN line. "412" is the Pittsburgh area code and most Pittsburghers will tell you they're very proud to be from "The 412" or "The Burgh". Crafting and creating are quite therapeutic for me and it really is one of the things that brings joy to me (aside from my family and friends- and my puppies).

I'm so happy you found my site and I hope I can create something wonderful for you or someone in your life! Please email me if you have any special requests that you can't find already on my site. I'm happy to work with you to come up with something special and unique just for you. Thank you!